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Known bugs

Here, you can find known bugs of MSTS which are not fixed till now.

Tractive force
Diesel-eletric loco has wrong tractiv force computation, for speed >0 some parts of equation are not used correctly.
It is KUJU bug in all versions of MSTS.
Zero power on EL
On EL after you switch pantho or in some case after start activity, loco is power less, even if voltage is displayed.
It is due Cuts Power Monitor function what is activated. You have use Vigilance reset button to switch power ON. It is Bin feature dependent on wrong monitors reset function.
Unit() parameter is not used for lost consists
MSTS is not able handle Unit() parameter for lost consists (on yard or siding). MSTS does not assemble consist from these wags and has not got information about wag position in chain (Unit() parameter is empty). It is MSTS feature. You have define desired lights by other conditions using.
NumWheels parameter

The second NumWheels value (in eng file) is being used for adhesion when using friction braking. It should only be used for adhesion under power and dynamic braking. The first NumWheels value should be used for friction braking. Joe Realmuto "Eng Manual" in detail.

Wrong movement in reverse when weelslip ocurs

When running in reverse and wheelslip occurs, the locomotive starts pushing the train forward rather than back.  The train will actually slow down, stop, and then start traveling forward when the wheelslip indicator is on.  For firs investigation it has been a bug in the original MSTS.