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License agreement
Software is distributed as is, without any warranty. The author is not responsible for any damages that may result from use of this software. User acknowlidge all feature changes and behavior of game what software is for and what are descripted in documentation. Technical documentation is indivisible part of distribution.
The archive must be distributed without modification to the contents of the archive and distrubution other way than from original web pages must be permissed by author. Redistributing this archive with any files added, removed or modified in any manner is prohibited. License agreement is indivisible part of distribution.
Software can be used only for change of features of licensed game what it is for and only for personal use.
The inclusion of any individual file from this archive in another distribution without the prior permission of the author is prohibited. This means, for example, that you may not include elements of this archive as portions of another distribution of game or addon without first obtaining the author's permission. Any comercial using or using for improper profit is prohibited.

In case the sofware would be distributed or used without complying with "Licese agreement", project will be stoped.

I wish you much fun with MSTS.
In this place i would thank to many of those who have helped me with reports and diagnostics and suggestions for new features.
If you have got anything toward the project or you have any usefull possibility plese contact author, discusion forum or leve message on "guest book". More iformation on "links" page.

Release description
1.5.1 Solve of day - night cab switching in dependence on day time or track type  
1.5.2 The same - memory management improved, english manual  
1.5.3 Solve of front - rear cab switching - bug in cab texture switching was repaired  
1.5.4 Light and light cone switching according to cab switching  
1.5.5 Cab switching for loco trains ACELA like, new liht types  
1.5.7 External cam correction, disabling of cam switching in tunnel, alerter improvement  
1.6.0910 Full cab and loco switching, minor bug improvement  
1.6.0922 Repaired incompatibility of OS  
1.6.1022 Independent doors and mirrors animation, many corrections and minor improvements  
1.6.1223 teren loading while meridian or parallel crossing, FPS increasing, memory allocation based on your PC free memory  
1.6.1230 Minor fix, lights, emergency brake, memory handling  
1.7.0103 Lights fix, visibility in RE fix  
1.7.0211 Car jumping fix, blowback fix and some lack correction  
1.7.0221 Lost consist lights fix  
1.7.0224 MSTS freeze after using some keyboard keys on saved activity fixed  
1.7.0505 Two Panthograps operable  
1.7.051922 Stable version  
1.7.071320 "madness wheels" on AI steam locos corrected
1.7.072421 No. of active lights was increased up to 400 for tile - "no more dead signals"


No. of active lights was increased up to 512 for tile - "no more dead signals"; night textures on animated objects issue ; aspect monitor operable for not runing locos
1.7.081920 Power loss on EL correction, RE event view crash correction, minor corrections


New extended diagnostic screen for wag brakes, Power cut on helper EL for lowered pantho, Cam 4 improv.
1.7.102222 Speed limit indication repaired
1.8.010516 Speed limit on RP indication repaired, steam loco cyl_cocks with bell crash fixed.
1.8.052113 Multiple EMUs bug fix, pantograph multistage controls fix  
All releases are cumulative ( new one include all previous)
before you install new version uninstall previous or use clear installation of game
You have to install official MS Update Patch, which you can download from site:

- Be carefully, MSTS has still many hidden secrets and Patch may not work smoothly in some cases
- Take published release still as working. Final version will be clearly signed "Final" or "Stable" . Please don't hesitate and alert any bugs associated with Patch using. We will consider all your suggestion. Thank you.

Please before instalation read carefuly "Manual" and "Readme.txt"

Stable release
Work rel.
Screens & Widgets

Please be patient, we prepare distribution with Manual