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Cab night - day textures
As you know, cab is only lot of images in front of exterier sight. It can be changed in accordance with day time. But till now it could be make only via replacing the bitmaps in corresponding folder of game. But you had to stop game, replace textures and again start the game. There is, however , a simple solution.
Put you required textures to "NIGHT" folder and program make all job by itself. Sun rise and sunset go with appropriate textures in cab view.

Night textures are activated in tunnel too. Only one condition must be perform. In tunel must be used track objects of type "tun". In other case your cars will be alight like in day and cab texture will not changed. It is appeal to track designers. For program is "tun" object unique signal, that train is in tunel. If you have not got requested part you must copy other one and rename it with "tun" prefix. Simultaneously you should make its textures a lot darker.

Front and rear cab
It is keep, but groundly changed system of switching. Now you wiil be able switch full-featured unsymetrical cabs.

Example video

New loco switching from "Train Operations" panel
new icons for various types of locos and wags

Wags switching with various interiers


You will be are able move tracking camera up to 500m

Extended debuging info

New functions in action

New functions in action

Independent doods animation

You can switch on light in cab in night

Independent two pantographs
Video show
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Corrected sounds for helper locos
Video show
Xvid AVI 640x480 - 1.4MB

Speed limit indication