Welcome on MSTS Bin pages
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What is MSTS Bin and what isn't

MSTS Bin is a new project, aimed to try improve some features of MSTS (MS Train simulator) ver. 1.1.xx. It has arisen persuant to requirements of users put simulator near to reality and improve some features, what was forgotten by authors or authors maybe rate this feature unusefull..
MSTS Bin is binary modificaton of original program of MS, som like unofficial update or upgrade.

MSTS Bin is in any case not a "crack", or like it tool for illegal using of game, evade copyright or to obtain unauthorized profit. It is dedicated to users with licensed game to improve its features and to developers who worked on tracks, cars and object for simplification some tasks. It is designed for solving some problems during gameplay.

Why MSTS Bin

MSTS is still the best train simulator, even thought it is slightly old. Thanks to hard work of many fans who continue on development of tracks, who make new objects and cars, MSTS is not dead..
Simultaneously is true MSTS is full of lacks. Some may be eliminated throgh changes of definition files or through exchange of objects, but some cannot be solved with simple methods. Graphical engine is the worst in present game world.

There grew idea, modificate som instrictions of program to improve or add some new features to simulator and solve some problems with its using.