News & near tasks of project
In below table I want to add your idle wishes, give their preferences and inform you about their progress. Current state and its description you can find on "Galery" or "Download" pages in version comment.

Forget on all previous versions of Patch !!

New version will have remaked system of loco switching. Patch will be usable for full - featured switching of locomotives and their driving stand for singel cab, tower cab and double cab locomotives with preservation of full functionality and manageability of various locomotives. At the same time it will be solved changing of direction ride with preservation of all riding feature of locomotives (shifting, dynamic brakes, rolling resistance, front coupling, lights in direction ride, TRACK monitor...), that are dependent on direction of runing. You'll may control any locomotives in trainset, even these coupled duering activities.

Some other features
Cabs, TM
ο preservation of switching day and night cab textures depending on conditions
ο correction display of Aspect Monitor in Cab Editor
ο Allerter reset for green lights ("clear" signal)
+ yellow symbol for "Restricting" signal in Track Monitor
+ new, full-featured cab switching for all types of locos and trainsets
+ operating stand switching with *.cvf, sounds and *.eng reloading including unsymmetrical cab.
+ front coupler problem solving
+ Track Monitor and Junctions corresponding to driving direction
+ fix speed limit resetting on turning points
+ fix occasional signal prefetching bug ( bug in AWS and VM reset)
+ fix controls for different type of locos in trainset
+ internal cab light in night (or in tunel)
+ fix right cab loading for day-night activity changing
+ time synchronization in MSTS (MSTS will use only one timer, no more differences between activity and loco time)
+ aspect monitor operable for not runing locos
ο deaktivating of forced Cab_Cam switching in tunel
+ Cams corresponding to driving direction and operator position
+ Tracking_Cam with possibility move away up to 500m
+ decreasing minimal distances of external cam
+ view expansion for camera in RE
Train Operations
+ train structure displaying with correct loco orientation (flipped loco)
+ correct wags on front coupler displaying (bug correction)
+ type of locos and wags displaying with new icons
+ activ loco and passanger wag with interier highlighting
+ direct switching to interier of passanger wag from TO, ability switch to any wag with interier (you can view any interier in your trainset)
+ direct switching to any loco from TO
+ extendid diagnostic for HUD - more informations for developers
+ functional Waiting Points in activities
+ nomber of items in Placement in Route Editor increased from 5 up to 60

+ Correction of tooltip for Dynamic brake (%)

+ GearBox correction for reversing (e.g. KIHA31)

+ Power run-up and run-out correction for reversing

+ wheel turn correction for fliped cars

+ bogies turn correction for fliped cars

+ two way independent door animation (two groups left/right)

+ independent mirrors animation

+ time correction for midnight passing in activities

+ modified versions of Englisch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian dialogs and string DLLs.

+ some corrections on AI lights

+ more realistic tree shadows

+ lights correction for improve visibility up to >500m (mipmap levels)

+ fix teren loading while meridian or parallel crossing (white space)

+ memory allocation based on your PC free memory
+ FPS increasing for CabView or HeadOutView with dynamic shadows on (+ 10-20 FPS hardware dependet)
+ fix TimeOfDay light condition ( MSTS rel. 1.4 leak!)
+ fix "efficiency" evaluation for slow AI services, the lowest value set to 0.005.
+ fix "fatal BlowBack" for camera switching
+ TimeOfDay() and Penalty() conditions fix for sphere of light (cone light)
+ fix MSTS crash for Camera 4 view
+ Car numbers elevation decreased ( F7 view)
+ fix car jumping and couplers stretching for reversing

+ dlls specially for RAILDRIVER

+ new cab displays
SPEEDLIMIT DIAL - actual track speed limit
SPEED_PROJECTED DIAL - temporary target speed
+ independent, fully operable two pantographs
+ rewrited car position computing (car gaps changes during runing)
+ "sound Discrete_Trigger (18)" - loco brake, fix
+ sound triggers for helper locos in consists
+ No. of active lights was increased up to 512 for tile - "no more dead signals"
+ AE crash correction (DirectX crash in all versions)
+ Air reservoirs charging correction
+ Power cut after pantho down-up repairing
+ night textures on animated objects issue
+ New extended diagnostic screen for wag brakes
+ Power cut on helper EL for lowered pantho
+ Cam 4 see whole trains

In next release

Working progress of new version

A small demonstration how interier of your wagons can look like. Next example was realised only with 54 polys, more time took camera setting, but result doesn't look poorly. Example was made with haste, consider it only as a suggestion for new ways. In case it should be interested for you I could make short tutorial "how to..."

In "Gallery" section find demonstrations of new functions

New version 1.7.022420 ready for downloading , MSTS freeze after using some keyboard keys on saved activity fixed

In galery new panthograph function demonstration

Sounds for helper loco
In galery helper loco sound demonstration

Speed limit indication
In galery a little demonstration

New screens and widgets redy for download


New section - Technical specifications for public discusion. Only for specialists.

Add new charts in - "Technical specifications" section.

"madness wheels" on AI steam locos corrected

New version - No. of active lights was increased up to 512 for tile - "no more dead signals"; night textures on animated objects issue ; aspect monitor operable for not runing locos


New version - Speed limit indication repaired